Monday, February 7, 2011

A smattering of London, part 4

Traveling on the London Underground is fun. It's a labyrinth. It's a teeming mass of humanity. And to keep you feeling securely located, and happily entertained, it's got good signage. I particularly enjoy all of the advertisements that play off of the Tube map, like this one.

We spent the afternoon at the Museum of London today, studying up on the history of this city. I'm very impressed with how much the kids are retaining about the things we've seen so far - pointing out familiar buildings and paintings, recalling the histories of the Tower of London and Kensington Palace. Ayla noted that the model of St. Paul's Cathedral simply couldn't be St. Paul's - where is the dome? (Answer: the earlier version of the cathedral, before the Great Fire, did not have a dome.) Quiz - where were we in London where we first heard about the Great Fire? (Answer: The Monument!) Baz also has a good attention to detail in these things, able to rattle off the statues in the northwest corner of Hyde Park, and the various sights we saw on our day in Southwark.

Our three hours at the Museum today finished up with this famous object, the Lord Mayor's Coach, which all three kids name as their favorite thing in the museum. (Greg and I had different preferences, like Charles Booth's Map of Poverty and the exhibits about the Plague.)

Overall, a free! museum and really excellent - Greg and I agreed that sometimes, it's nice to have a museum on one topic, so you feel like you can really get a grasp on it.

London's economic reality, though, is never easy to accept - on the way home we got two takeout pizzas which were on a special "Family Saver" deal for 21 pounds ($34). Really?

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