Thursday, February 24, 2011

This week, travels

As I expected, this week of traveling from London --> Boston --> Philadelphia and eventually on to Charlotte is turning out to be very busy.

We arrived in Boston a few days ago with a smooth and uneventful trip. Oh, that's if you don't count the incident at London Heathrow, where I dumped an entire fruit smoothie all over my clothes and had to actually buy new clothes. The less said about that, the better, really. Otherwise all was well.

Jet lag hit hard, with all 3 kids snoring at 7:30pm and wide awake to start the day at 2:30am. At the same time I got hit with a head cold, so these first few days of blissful homecoming were, for me, mostly a groggy blur.

There were some very nice moments - Greg purchased his new minivan, the "Grand Caravan Hero". It's honestly about as macho-looking a minivan as could possibly be. I will post a picture soon, but I'll have to find some kind of rocky crag or lava-filled chasm to pose it next to.

There was snow, and the kids sledded and played until they were soaking wet and frozen through. We did not get them proper snow gear this year, figuring they'd have only a very few days of the white stuff. Everyone survived.

After that excitement, we also managed some social outings with these two old friends:

Scott Jameson has been a good buddy for about 20 years, since we were in middle school or highschool? As a teenager, he was an aspiring magician and I was an aspiring juggler. Freaks attract, and our lame attempts to juggle for money on the streets in downtown Boston will surely go down in some kind of history. Now Scott is a successful professional magician and I'm... something else? Regardless we are still close, and he's recently purchased a fixer-upper home in Massachusetts so we can compare homeowner stories.

My friendship with Tammy dates back even farther, to kindergarten, or even earlier? We were neighbors on Walcott Street, and best friends. Our friendship continued through elementary school, but somehow lost its way in the middle school and highschool years, and I hadn't spoken with Tammy in at least 20 years when we found each other's Facebook profiles, and, subsequently, blogs. I thoroughly enjoy Tammy's blog, which is lighthearted, honest, and personal. Now that we are reading up on each other's lives, it was time for a get-together, and we enjoyed a cup of tea together earlier this week, attempting to catch up on two decades' worth of stories!

But at last it was time to leave Natick - on to Philadelphia!

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