Monday, March 7, 2011

1 week down. 3 more to go.

Fortunately, with little else to do, we've been getting out on our bikes. Here you can see Baz's new 24" bicycle! It was an early birthday present - so much bigger than his 18" one, we were skeptical at first. But he took to it immediately and wants to ride all the time. Daddy sometimes takes him out and they try mountain-biking on the woodsy paths near the apartments.

There are not a lot of easily bikeable places in our immediate vicinity - it is possible though to drive to some nice bike trails.

And here is Ayla! Greg took Baz's old bike apart and painted it bright pink for her. While she's not an enthusiastic rider, she's learned to ride and balance and keep the bike in control very quickly. We've only been here a week, and here she is all by herself! In another couple of days we'll probably try taking her to the bike trails.

And here's a photo of the favorite place I've discovered so far in Charlotte. It's a real, honest-to-goodness secondhand book shop. The Last Word buys books and sells books, they have couches and easychairs and clerks with great senses of humor. It's a place for real readers. What a delight to walk out with an armful of books for $10! We've gone there twice already in the past week.


  1. I love it...remember when we would ride our bikes around and around the driveway at my house and over to yours behind Pat's house pretending that our bikes were horses? I'd give anything to have that big cushy Huffy bike seat again!

  2. Tammy, fun memories... nowadays, it can feel like a real effort to get kids to ride bikes - they don't just hop on them and tool around the neighborhood like we did. So much more worry about safety and doing everything right, that we can end up sheltering them from that kind of simple freedom. But Greg and I both enjoy bike riding and we're determined to make it a full family activity as soon as possible!