Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am thrilled to have arrived, today, in the city of Baltimore.

Although I was a little skeptical about Baltimore - in the past, it's never been a place I sought out, just the in-between-Philadelphia-and-Washington city. But being here, and being right in the middle of everything, feels a bit like coming home.

The reassuring sounds of trolley cars and street musicians. The runners out by the harbor. The familiar products at the grocery store. And all around, the lights of a busy urban environment. Here is the view out my 10th-story window:

I'm so happy!!!

The kids and I went out exploring the Inner Harbor today. They have such a good time in urban parks, coming up with endless games, and playing on sculptures.

Our apartment here is actually the most basic one we've had yet. It's no-frills, but seems to have everything we really need. Because the rooms are smaller, and we need the space, we took the unprecedented step of asking the leasing company to remove all the television sets. There were four of these monstrosities here, and the rooms are so much more open now.

We still have lots of unpacking to do, but my eyes keep wandering to the windows and all of the sparkling lights.


  1. Where are you staying? I'm in Baltimore City, uptown. Our finances are too tight to go see the show, so I'm hoping I win some "Win Tickets to Totem" contest that I entered.

  2. Hey Lauren! We're in central Baltimore. Email me and let's talk - skennedy@phillycircus.com - and now I just found your blog, yay!

  3. Hi Shana,
    I live in Harrisburg, NC...the town that the show was technically in last stop. We live about 3 minutes from the tent location and I am kicking my tail for not contacting you earlier while the show was in town. We have 4 kiddos 8 and under and I would have LOVED To have a playdate or have you over for lunch some time while the show was in town. I found your blog site just as the show was drawing to a close for our city *by the way we went and it was TREMENDOUS!!!!* we were blown away my the talent and exhilerated by the entire show!...by the way, have read the whole blog, but still wonder the role of your hubby?

    That being said, if the chance ever comes again and you are in town, I would love to have you and your kids hang out with our family. Your story is fun to read! Hope Baltimore treats you well!