Monday, March 21, 2011


We are nearing the end of the Month of Many Birthdays, with two festive events - last night at the tent we had a small party for Greg, with drinks and cake. Here he is with some of his castmates - Fabio, Nick, James and Josh.

For some reason (we blame the Russians), birthdays are traditionally celebrated this way on Sunday evenings, with toasts of hard liquor. Often vodka, but last night it was cognac.

After that adult evening, today we had my little Isa's 4th birthday. She has been anticipating this day for ages, and is beside herself with excitement about being 4. I took this picture of her with a couple of the great gifts she received - representations of her all-time favorite animal. We spent a quiet day at home, letting her enjoy her new toys, such as a new princess dress and princess play tent, a Leapster learning game, and various little dolls (Tinkerbell and Little Ponies are current favorites).

Despite her rapid maturing, Isa is still my baby! I am so glad that she is over her sickness, and was able to have fun on her special day. "Now," she tells me, "I'm almost 5!"

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