Sunday, March 13, 2011

Charlotte, NC - check

With my parents in town, we finally got out and did a little sightseeing in downtown Charlotte. The weather was gorgeous, and the town center, while small, was quiet and pretty.

We enjoyed exploring The Green, which is a literature-themed park in the middle of town, and Thomas Polk Park. But this fountain, I have to say, is a big example of civic stupidity. It's a fountain with little statues of children climbing all over it and splashing in the water. However, when my kids tried to climb on the surrounding walls, they were shooed away by a security guard. ?!

Most of the day was spent at Discovery Place, Charlotte's science museum and aquarium.

And here is an inspirational quote from the Visitors Center, in case anyone out there is doubting that Charlotte is THE place to be.

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  1. Shana, that pic of you and the kids is really sweet. They're growing up, and you look great (as usual). I hope charlotte isn't completely kickin you down, and it seems that you are with some good people who care about you.