Saturday, March 19, 2011

This week

It's been a mixed-bag of a week. In the plus column:

- Birthdays! We celebrated Baz and Isa's birthdays on Monday with a trip to Monkey Joes, a big inflatable play-zone nearby. I was super-impressed with this place, which has pretty much mastered the art of the children's birthday party.

- nice visits from our friends Janell & Bram Lovelace (from Durham, NC), and from my cousins Scott, Lisa and Alison Denny (from Richmond, VA).

- English classes! I've taught three classes so far to the Russian wives and I am LOVING it!

-We had a meeting today with the Totem school teachers, the Supervisor of Minors and the Tour Manager, who formally presented to us their plan to begin a gradual-immersion program in French language for Baz and Ayla. It will start this fall; in addition to French class, their math class will also be taught in French. Greg and I are thrilled that they have this opportunity.

On the minus side:

- Isa has been sick this week, with the same illness that bogged down Baz and Ayla the previous week. It's mostly coughing and fever, but the fever seems to spike up and down; she is fine one hour and miserable the next. Hate seeing my baby so unhappy... I got Sesame Street on iTunes for her this week, which cheered her up a little.

- And despite getting more active and involved with the Cirque site and the other families this week, I still feel like a black cloud is hanging over me. I just hate it here, and I'm spending a lot more time wondering what the heck I am doing on this tour. ... we have just over a week left here in Charlotte, and I do hope that our next chapter (tour dates in Baltimore, events for me in Philadelphia, and a weekend back in England!) will bring back my good spirits.

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  1. Your tank is empty from a combination of factors like sick children (oh, how that would wear on me too),the remote gated apartment complex and I think you might have SADS! Welcome to Spring-you have the personality that fills that tank up very quickly.