Thursday, March 17, 2011

Walkin' in Concord, NC

I missed the shuttle bus today and decided to try walking home from the Cirque site. This is what it looked like.

The anti-pedestrian vibe is not limited to this one road. It's pretty much the entire area. Besides the tractor-trailers whizzing by, walking around here just feels wrong. When you're driving, every once in a great while you'll see someone walking along the side of the road. The inner dialogue goes something like this:

- oh my! what's that person doing?
- walking.
- really? what on earth for?
- there must be something wrong. maybe his car broke down.
- or maybe he's just really, really poor.
- or a drug addict, or an ex-con.
- maybe he's hitchhiking. don't even think about stopping!

It's alarming on many levels. Visually alarming, to see endless stretches of space with no human beings outside their cars. Mentally, to see how quickly I can click into this American-sprawl mentality, when I seriously contemplate whether I have to walk the 5 minutes to the store, or if I could get a ride.

You can also see why running has been a no-go here.

As for scenery, the most I saw on my 30-minute walk was some roadkill and litter.

The whole atmosphere just feels like a kick in the stomach to me. And although I complained of loneliness in London, how I miss the big city!

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