Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baltimore apartment

First, thank you everyone for your sweet and encouraging comments in response to my last blog post - some posted online, and some who just called or emailed me. You've given me a lot of heart, and reminders that we all face similar identity challenges.

And now, brought to you by the children, here's the video of our Baltimore apartment.



  1. Shana, there's a FREE "medieval celebration" at the Walters museum (on Charles St at Center St) on Saturday (April 23)

    I thought your kids - and maybe other circus kids - might be interested.

    (I may go to support some friends who are performing)


  2. Ooh, that looks cool. Problem is that my big kids - the ones who would most enjoy it - are in school until 6pm on Saturdays! ...I'm not even going to tell Baz, he would flip to miss Sword History 101. Oh well... have fun for us!