Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun-filled days in Baltimore

We are, as always, keeping busy.

This weekend, we had the pleasure of a visit from our friends the Eddys - Greg and I have known John and Cindy for a ridiculous number of years, and their kids are now ages 11 and 9. The kids all played together, John and Cindy got to see Totem, and it was just great for all of us.

Then, on Sunday, I walked my kids across the street to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. I didn't realize until the show started that we had actually seen this production before, last year. It was called "Funundrum" in Philadelphia, but here in Baltimore it was called the "200th Anniversary" show. Same show. Nevertheless we greatly enjoyed it, with its tributes to P.T. Barnum and circuses of the past. Our particular favorite acts were the Pirates of the Teeterboard (Mom and Baz) and the Egyptian Elephants (Ayla and Isa).

Sunday was a full day - we also fit in a baby shower for Kate, one of the tour wives, watched the Totem show from backstage and gave a tour to some groups of friends visiting from Philadelphia.

Today, Monday, we attended a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese for 5-year-old Dasha, daughter of one of the Russian bar acrobats. It was a kids paradise of arcade games, tokens and prize tickets, cake and candy. Whether our Russian friends had any idea what Chuck E. Cheese was singing about, who knows? But a good time was had by all.

I want to close with a photo I came across on Facebook this week. I think it's a beautiful image of the tent here in Baltimore, with all of its contrasting industrial-urban grit.

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