Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More on Baltimore

So, not everyone on tour is enjoying this city as much as I am. I think people are just a bit freaked out; it's a big contrast from the cities we've visited so far, and a lot of the streets here look like this:

Sort of Germantown-esque with empty buildings and grungy street people. (I say that with all due love to Germantown). But really - this is why I'm most comfortable here, because this city has so many echoes of Philadelphia. Grandiose municipal buildings; stretches of tourist fluff; surprises around every corner.

The difference I see is that the posh area of the city is just much smaller here - it's only a few blocks, compared to the relatively expansive (and expanding) Center City Philadelphia.

Nonetheless I am happy and comfortable here, and so is Greg - we walked last night up to the Charles Street restaurant district, comparing notes.

Another day recently, I took the kids to the Maryland Science Center, right on the Harbor. Here they are enjoying the tornado exhibit. We have one of these ASTC memberships which feels miraculous, gaining us free admission to, seemingly, every science museum in the U.S. and Canada. The result of this, however, is that I am totally burning out on science museums. In the last 10 months, we've been to 5 different science museums in Montreal, Amsterdam, London, Charlotte and Baltimore. The ones in Montreal and London we visited numerous times. I'm sure Pittsburgh has a science museum. This is really overkill.


  1. is that a room that creates a mini tornado while the kids can walk around? that's incredible. i wanna go to a science museum.

  2. I'm so sorry that Baltimore freaks people out. It must be quite a shock from the nice cities of Amsterdam and Montreal.

    The more interesting areas of Baltimore are separated from the 'downtown'. There are 200 (!) distinct neighborhoods in Baltimore. The "tourism" areas are often separated from each other. You will not find a 'huge' downtown like Philly; instead, you will find shopping or sight-seeing areas that fit your desires. Baltimore is very old, which these different neighborhoods springing up as history needed them.
    Harborplace (which you have seen)
    Fells Point (pretty in daytime, bar-hopping at night)
    Hamden (quirky and odd, with amusing shops)
    Mt. Vernon (cultural, with museums), includes Charles St
    Canton waterfront path
    Federal Hill (shops/restaurants)

    there's also a great Children's museum
    a fabulous Dental Museum (really)

    Contact me and maybe I can bring you to some of these places.


  3. When we visit my bro-in-law, we play @ the Federal Hill playground. Great view of the Harbor!