Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Baltimore double-dark

Double-dark this week, always feels like a holiday (no Totem shows on Monday OR Tuesday!) And both days have been beautiful, hot, sunny weather. So, on Monday, we brought some of our Totem friends to Philadelphia. Here are our kids with their friends Ilya and Yahor.

It was fun playing tour guide. And we actually visited some places I never go - the Betsy Ross House, Penn's Landing.

Today, Tuesday, was a more low-key day at home, though we did get the kids out for a bike ride. Ayla, though she's riding just fine, is still quite anxious and unhappy on her bike, and we may be trying to push her too quickly. The trail ride today wasn't long, and it was all paved, but it did have some hills, which were too much for her. She walked her bike a lot, and at one point lost control on a downhill; Greg lurched to catch her, and strained a muscle in his shoulder pretty badly. Not good, he's now icing it.

In the evening I went out to Book Club, which still putters along once every month or two. I'm the only member of the Book Club who's not working, and therefore has an abundance of time for reading. Everyone else on the Tour seems continually swamped and exhausted, and even the ones who show up to Book Club have trouble making time to read the books. ...Nonetheless, it's been a really nice way for me to get to know some other Tour members who are not artists - everyone else who comes is some kind of support staff (stage managers, technicians, box office, etc.)

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  1. Yikes on Greg's shoulder - hope he's OK to perform!!! Griffin is not loving the bike right now either - but when 4 out of 5 do, then it is hard to figure out what to do! xoxo