Saturday, April 30, 2011

Packing up, again

It's getting easier, sort of. At least, we're getting more accustomed to the pace and the process of packing up our lives. I like the fact that every few weeks, we have to sort through everything we own, deciding if it's immediately useful or not. Haven't worn that for a few months? Haven't played with that game recently? ...hand it over to goodwill.

It's been a good few days, anyway. The last several days on site are known by the school kids as "Watch Out For Trucks Days", as the site is just a constant swirl of forklifts and trailers and cases being moved about. They bring in extra technicians for tear-down and set-up of the sites - my understanding is that Cirque has teams of technicians that just float around the world, tearing down and setting up shows all over the place. Imagine that!

Other things that have brought joy to my week - fun English classes, and some progress with my Russian studies, including being able to decipher an invitation to go out for coffee with Marina - and tonight, signing up for a 5K run in Pittsburgh, finally saying to myself "I can do this again!" ...I didn't run for over 5 months, and starting up again has been fairly agonizing. But there is hope, and I am ready to work at it.

One more day left in Baltimore!

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