Saturday, April 9, 2011

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

It's been a fun couple of days commuting back and forth to Philadelphia. On Thursday, Robin and I got all dressed up and attended the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts Opening Gala. I think it was my first time attending one of these events as a guest, and not working! (as an event planner, or entertainer, etc.) And although I was dreading the whole prom-esque preparation for this thing, I have to admit, it was enjoyable, especially having quality time with this handsome tuxedoed man.

The Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts is just as big and exciting as it was hyped-up to be, and I'm very proud to have circus arts (and PSCA) represented in the festival so wonderfully. As you can see in this photo, Niff (one of my advanced aerial coaches) is pictured all over the city! This is at 30th Street Station, and this image can be seen on taxis, bus shelters, billboards. The circus school is also being featured in news articles, television programs, and Internet blasts, daily. Our brilliant and tireless PR representative, Kory Aversa, has done an amazing job keeping circus arts front-and-center.

With this level of appreciation from the city of Philadelphia, I feel like one of my greatest dreams for the circus school is already being realized. I've often said that I wished circus would be acknowledged in the same way as theater, dance, and visual arts. And, at least in the context of this festival, it is, completely. We are on stage at the Kimmel Center. We are talked about by all of the biggest arts organizations in the city. We are not seen as carnival freaks. We are being given the respect of professional artists here, seemingly overnight.

I have many hopes over the coming weeks and months. I hope that our sponsored events, the Green Fairy Cabaret and Fly City, will be wildly successful. I hope that the audiences and the artists will have the time of their lives. And I hope that this is just the beginning...

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