Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What I didn't write about, on Monday, was how disappointed I was by the very few people from Cirque I was able to coax to visit the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

My personal appeals met two camps of resistance: the "I just need down time, I want to do nothing but rest" group, and the "I have other plans to see another city / visit friends / have doctor's appointments" group. I did everything I could think of to make the trip easy and appealing, but my efforts were pretty fruitless. We were joined by just five other people (four from a single family). And while I loved showing those folks my school and my city, I was sad that it was such a small group.

Why was this so important to me? merits some thought. Once again I am sure there is an ego piece - I want to show off an achievement I am so proud of. But I think another factor is my craving to merge these two worlds that I love so deeply - the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and Cirque du Soleil. Right now they are like planets apart. And it's certainly easier to draw PSCA people to CDS than vice versa. But I have such high esteem for my new friends in Totem, for their professionalism and strength and utter beauty onstage, for their sweet, steady personalities offstage. I want them to validate my school with their approval and admiration. Which I know, in my logical brain, is ridiculous.

The few moments I had at PSCA, however, with the artists who did come, were very special to me. And perhaps, some day in the future, there will be another opportunity.

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  1. This makes me so sad. I would have felt exactly the same way. You are not ridiculous - you are human - and we all need validation. I wish I could take all those cirque folks and shake them on the shoulders. "HEY!! Come on! Go see what Shana has done for the world of circus... it matters!" Well - rest assured, I think you are amazing...