Sunday, May 22, 2011

Behind the scenes photos

It was a hot day in Pittsburgh today. Totem's HVAC system was having troubles keeping up. There were guys up on the tent most of the afternoon manipulating the ventilation systems, and for a while they were just hosing water on the tent to try to cool it down.

After the last show, Greg took me and the kids around the backstage area for a tour. Here are the kids checking out the skateboards underneath the stage. This is how the technicians and artists get around under there, because the space is only a couple of feet tall.

"54" had a post-show barbeque. 54 is the technicians' tent - the carpenters, riggers, stage techs etc. And they are known for having the most-fun parties. Greg finds this grill quite amusing - they custom-built it, at the bottom, so it could be moved with a forklift. This is because everyone drives forklifts on the site all the time. Regular castors on the bottom of a grill would fall apart.

And last of all, a glimpse of the stage from the artists' point of view.

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