Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Corporate Housing

This is an open letter to providers of Corporate Housing.

I am sure we are not the first people who've come to you with small children. But perhaps no one in your Decision-Making Department knows what housing for families with children should consist of? I have a few friendly recommendations.

1. A coatrack. Which children can reach. This is our 4th city with the children throwing their coats on the floor when they come in, because they can't reach the coat hangers in the closets.

2. Towel racks. I know that sometimes your ultra-elegant modern designers just don't FEEL towel racks in their feng shui. But really.
(and p.s., you went overboard in London with the HEATED towel racks, which could never be turned off and just heated up our apartment all day long)

3. Stepstools. Even one would be a big help for small children who can't reach sinks.

4. Plasticware in the kitchen. Oh, what I would give for plastic cups, plates, and bowls, not to mention Tupperware!! I'm OK with the glassware being included as well, for the grownups. Perhaps you just like replacing all of the glasses our kids break.

5. Bookshelves, and/or cabinets for toys.

6. Desks. We're fortunate to bump into these once in a while - though never more than one in an apartment, and Greg and I have finally given up attempting to share a desk.

7. Blinds that close all the way, and actually darken a room. This one may be more necessary for us artist-families who keep late hours. But it really does make a difference, especially when small people are up at first light.

8. A bathtub. Fortunately this has only happened to us once - living in an apartment for three months with only a shower - but I have been concerned about it ever since. Please let my children take baths, for all of our sanity. Bonus points if you put the bathtub in the children's bathroom and not in the one adjacent to the master bedroom, in such cases where there is more than one.

9. Locks on windows and balcony doors, preferably high, out-of-reach locks.

10. Full-height walls, and doors, on bedrooms. Enough said.

I'm sure this will take a while to get mobilized, so in the short term we will continue to schlep along our suitcase full of Stuff We Might Need. (recent additions to this suitcase: washcloths, collapsible laundry hampers, bread knife). But if you could just get on the same page with us here, then we could really start to fine-tune the Family Corporate Housing experience with some special perks (how about a play area in the courtyard? A temporary library card? a painting easel? ...don't worry, I've got lots of ideas!)

Sincere thanks for your kind and prompt attention.


  1. Kennedy Family, We here at the Cirque are always striving for excellence in everything we do, a large part of the reason we hired Greg. Of course, we appreciate your feedback. We feel the proper response at this time would be to give you gentle reminder. Is it possible that you have forgotten how very blessed you are to even have this opportunity? People who chose to travel with the show are also choosing to leave the comforts of home - including such frivolities as bread knives and doors - behind them! All of these challenges are simply part of the enriching experiences and memories you will treasure for a lifetime.
    Please do keep those comments coming, we are always ready to respond to reasonable requests.
    Yours, The management

  2. Love you Rebecca... :) I forgot to mention, in #1, that we are GRATEFUL for the closets!! In one city we didn't have any closets at all.

  3. I'm forwarding this to a friend with Korman Residences because I think they should know! All of those items seem so very basic one can only imagine that the corporate housing planners don't have children and never were children.

  4. I knew somebody would know somebody who actually works for one of these companies!! :) I have to say, though, that in most areas our American Corporate Housing providers are simply lovely, can-we-be-at-your-service-24-hours-a-day sort of people. But you're right, they don't seem to get kids.

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