Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loft life - oh my!

So. A while back I mentioned to our Travel & Lodging Coordinator that when it comes to apartments - we enjoy the spacious 3-BRs, but it's hard for us to be far away from everyone else (this happens sometimes because 3-BRs are so hard to find). So if necessary, we could squeeze into a 2-BR, especially if this would help us to be closer to the other families.

This is the first time they've taken us up on it. But the loss of bedroom isn't nearly as big of a problem for us as the fact that we're in a loft - an open floor plan with no doors. You can see it in the video below. We like to think of ourselves as a close family. But not being able to close a door when you'd like some privacy is really stretching our limits. At night, we tuck the kids into bed and tiptoe around in semi-darkness, because all light and sounds filter into their room. (we might as well be in the same room). In the mornings, we are afraid to even get up and get dressed, because it will wake up everyone else. We went out to Home Depot and bought black curtains, which help, psychologically at least.

We really wonder, who would want to live in a 2-BR apartment like this? Impossible for roommates, who have a clear view into each other's bedrooms. Impossible for families who want any semblance of separation from their children. (maybe for a couple with a small baby?) And for a couple with three young children? it's fairly ridiculous. My latest theory is that this floorplan must be for a single person, or couple, who just want a bit more room than a 1-BR. And not for just any couple - online this apt is listed as starting at $2165/month.

The location of this place is great. It's .2 miles from the Cirque tent. It's in the Strip district, with farmer's markets and funky craft shops and yoga studios. We're on the river, with a bike path right alongside. The one big glitch is the grocery store - there was one right across the street, but the business closed a week before we arrived! So now we're going to have to drive a ways for groceries, which is never easy for us to do once Greg starts working.

Anyway, we're here for just 4 weeks, the weather should be great, and so we will plan to get out and enjoy Pittsburgh as much as possible, and chalk up to experience our time in a loft.



  1. That apartment is CRAZY! Well, I'm glad you are at least close to the tent. Good filming skills Baz!

  2. Baz is growing and maturing so nicely. Lovely and clear voice and diction. Where ARE the other bridges hiding?