Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was an exhausting day. For me it started with a 6am run, and a 9am Russian lesson. Then we tried to go out for a family bike ride. Within the first 10 minutes, it came to a catastrophic halt - Ayla again lost control on a downhill, this time spinning out into a full-on wipeout. There was quite a bit of dirt, some blood, a whole lot of tears. We limped ourselves home and fussed over Ayla for a while, making sure there were no serious injuries. I let her stay home for an extra hour, but she just got more and more melodramatic and miserable. Finally I dragged her into school, and from that point on she was fine.

Then I was touring some friends around the site, and watching Isa and Gypsy playing together... then somehow I spent the rest of the day, four hours, downstairs at the pool. Kids + swimming pool = total happiness. First it was just me and Isa, then Ilya and Nastya joined us, then Baz, Ayla, Yahor, and Francois (husband of our Artistic Director). Nastya had just come from the Chinese grocery on the Strip, with all kinds of Asian sweet treats. The kids enjoyed the sealed-plastic cups of some kind of chewy Jello, and then eventually turned them into diving objects.

We are all just so excited to see the sun, after over a week of relentless rain.

Oh, the Totem kitchen. How I love it. I love it because it is such a daily challenge for me. For those of you who don't know my day-to-day habits, I am NOT a cook. And I have a particularly bad tendency to eat the same bland foods every day. Although I may not avail myself of the myriad of fantastic choices in the Totem kitchen as often as I should, it is a daily reminder for me; and a much better example for my kids. They have the opportunity to try everything under the sun, well-prepared, at no cost. ...Nevertheless, once in a while the kitchen staff crosses my comfort threshold, and I find myself acting like a child again, "ewww!!" This week it was Baby Octopus on Skewers.

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  1. that octopus looks yum - and cool about the backscene stuff! Can't wait to see you guys!