Friday, May 6, 2011

Philadelphia days

We had one more week in Philadelphia, in between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. We stayed with our ever-fabulous hosts, the Kennedy-Langes in Devon. (Greg's eldest sister, Becky, and her family). Our kids have the greatest time here, playing with their cousins and the family dog, Trixie.

Here's a picture I took on our last evening; their cousins have guitar lessons, and the teacher graciously allowed Ayla to try it out as well. Her cousin Axel is giving her some tips.

On weeks like this, we pack the schedule with doctor's and dentist's appointments for all five of us, playdates, meetings, visits to the storage unit and to our property managers, bank errands, haircuts - etc. It's a whirlwind.

Isa had her 4-year-old well-visit to the doctor, which means 4 booster shots. I'll never forget Ayla's trauma at this experience, and it wasn't much easier with Isa. (somehow I have blocked out Baz, probably for good reason!) Poor babe... there's one reason to be happy I have no more children, I'll never have to hold a screaming terrified 4-year-old through 4 vaccine shots again. ...she recovered just fine, more quickly than me, I think. Here she is displaying her bandaids of bravery, holding a little popsicle-stick doll the doctor made for her, wearing her sticker prize... and a lollipop, of course, makes everything OK.

We also had to bring Baz to an orthodontist for the first time this week. He has a crossbite, which is going to require a palatal expander (whoa!!) I had no idea we'd be facing this kind of stuff already. And boy is it going to be fun trying to coordinate orthodontists in different cities.

It wouldn't be a perfect visit to Philadelphia without a walk in the woods with the Dhondts... here we are, me and Rebecca and our six kids, look how big they are all getting! We were so lucky to have an idyllic day in the Wissahickon, wish we could have spent more time.

And now, we're off to Pittsburgh!

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  1. It was great to see you guys - maybe we'll catch up in Pittsburgh! xxoox