Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last bits of Baltimore

Wrapping up here in Baltimore, I have a few last photos to share. Today we did a last sightseeing trip to the Inner Harbor, visiting the USS Constellation. It was fun to explore, and to learn about its history in the Civil War. Below is a photo of the kids chasing away a pirate ship which threatened us from the harbor. Clearly they were much smaller, and were scared off by the Constellation's superior cannon power.

I finished up this week teaching the kids' Phys Ed classes. I did this twice a week for two months, coaching the 5 schoolchildren in aerials and some juggling & manipulation skills. On our last day we tried doubles trapeze.

Of course in the Artistic Tent the kids always find creative ways to get warmed up....

And last of all for today's post, I wanted to note that it is not only overseas that you can find ridiculous signage.

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