Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First images in Montreal

Finally – after a few weeks of problems with my camera’s batteries and connecting cables (…ok…full disclosure… I simply lost these items completely, and have spent these few weeks hunting for replacements) – I finally have the ability again to upload photos! Here are a few from the past two weeks.
The first is Isa in our Montreal apartment, painting.

Here is a pretty picture of the little girls of Totem at the Montreal Premiere. The fresh roses laid out on the tables were a big hit. The girls brought them in to see the show, and if that didn't mark them out as special enough, Gipsy and Isa stood up in the audience and danced along with the Finale!
The girls shown - at the top is Sophia, and then from left to right it's Alina, Alyona, Dasha, Ayla, Isa, and Gipsy. The roster of children changes frequently... two 8-year-old girls (not pictured) have just joined us, and two of the other young girls are away for the summer with their Moms, we'll see them again in Toronto.

I thought this was great - a couple of school students from another Cirque show joined our Totem school for a day last week, and they all planted vegetables together. Showing some plants is Sylvie, one of the heads of the Supervision of Minors department - they are able to visit us more frequently now that we're near CdS headquarters.

The summer in Montreal is simply beautiful - temperatures in the 70s, gorgeous sunshine, the waterfront, and a city just teeming with people from all over the world. We are happy to be here!

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