Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Des Feux, & misc.

I think I've mentioned that Montreal is the city of a thousand festivals in summertime. (it's really kind of overkill). July includes l'International des Feux Lotos-Quebec, a huge international fireworks festival. Cirque du Soleil's schedule is actually structured around this festival, with early shows on Saturdays and Wednesdays, because the fireworks are viewed at the waterfront. Each evening of the event, one country does a 30-minute show at 10:00pm. We haven't attended any of the previous shows, we are early-to-bed types ... but decided tonight, the USA night, we'd let the kids stay up. It was a glorious show, full of all kinds of intricate designs, different types of firework shapes than I had ever seen before. It had the theme of "The Wizard of Oz", and if you were close enough (we weren't) you could hear the accompanying music. Still, someone nearby had a radio, and we were able to catch the last notes of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" during the grand finale...

In other miscellaneous notes from today....
- My English/Russian lessons continue with Marina, though some days I feel like neither one of us is making much progress! I love spending time with her, though, and I think if we just keep working at it, we'll eventually see improvements.
- The girls had ballet class with Odette, at Ballet Divertimento. We are struggling now to find a place for them to do ballet in Toronto, not having much luck.
- My English classes were held this afternoon in the kitchen. Not ideal, because it's very noisy and busy. The kids, especially, can't focus. But the conference room is always occupied here in Montreal, and it was simply too hot to be outdoors. In Toronto it looks like all of the families will be staying in one apartment building! Which I'm really excited about. So we will probably have classes there, instead, for a couple of months.
- Then I took the kids to see the show today, always enjoyable. Nothing too surprising in the show today... Ante lost a devil stick handstick in the audience, which I think was a first; hand-to-hand replaced roller skates, Massimo & Denise are only doing 5 shows a week right now which is hard for everybody I think! And Russian bar only 2-bar version, as Tamir is in Washington DC welcoming his new baby girl into the world! We can't wait to meet her in Toronto.
- There was a BBQ this evening, hosted for the CdS headquarters folks. It was okay. Baz attempted to imitate Yahor's tree-branch trick, where he leaps from a chair to the branch (a la Frogs / high bar) - Baz landed on his back in the dirt, there were some tears and a trip to see Anouk. All is OK.
- Otherwise just nice visiting with people... chatting with Olga about our cross-country itineraries this fall, getting thank-you cards signed for the school teachers (last day tomorrow!) etc. another day at site.
- And tomorrow I'm getting up early for yoga... I am determinedly getting to Bikram classes once a week or so. Wish it could be more often, but the schedule just won't allow it. I really hope I can live someplace, in future, where I can get back to going every day.

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