Friday, July 8, 2011

Le Village

This week I discovered a new area of the city, Le Village, Montreal's gayborhood. What a great place! Decorated, closed off to vehicle traffic, and full of interesting shops and restaurants.

I liked this sign a lot - it translates to "It's Summer - The Street Belongs to Pedestrians!"

But my favorite discovery here must be this art installation. The poles are all free-standing, you can run around among them, and the letters light up at night. The rough translation of this phrase is: There will be a place for each of the freedoms that you will grant to yourself.

This "manifest" explains the concept of the work very well. "... this installation reminds us that the most essential thoughts surround us, without our even guessing, and that we just need to change perspective to see them in full view. And if the trees sometimes hide the forest, the tops of this grove reveal a message of hope."

Just beautiful, really.

And the other small moment of beauty today... after 4 weeks, I finally succeeded in getting a library card!!! :)

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