Saturday, July 23, 2011

Totem in the heat

So, it's hot here. OK, it's not as hot as it is where all the rest of you are - New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, etc. But it's still hot, and you should all be grateful you don't have to wear a monkey costume. :) Here are a few images of Totem's Montreal heat wave.

Acrobats getting some sun between shows.

Nikita in the ice cooler.

Sign in the kitchen.

And on really hot days, besides water, they also break out the Gatorade coolers in the kitchen.

And this is not about the heat, but just a sign of Canada's sense of humor. Sorry it's blurry - it's the over-the-highway sign during a heavy traffic jam outside Montreal. As you sit unmoving in your car for 30 minutes, you can enjoy the message saying "Public Transit. It's Your Choice."

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