Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visitors, part 1

It's a month of many wonderful visitors here in Montreal. First was Patrick McGuire, a very old friend of Greg's who is a performer in Quidam. Quidam is now touring arenas, and he had a few days off in between cities. A whole bunch of the Quidam cast came, actually.... it's something of a tradition, whenever a Cirque show has a double-dark within a few hours of another show, a contigent of tour members will make the journey out.

After that, my dear friend from Circomedia, Ludger Hollmann, came to stay for a few days. Ludger was using Montreal as his first stop on a 7-week journey cycling around Northeastern Canada, alone. We were all amazed to see his bike fitted out with carrier bags including a tent, a cooking stove, and everything he'll need to live on the land. I sent him out the door nervously this morning; he is so excited to be off on his trip.

The photo above was taken from the clock tower on the waterfront, which has a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River and the Old Port, including the chapiteau.

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