Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canadian National Exhibition

My Mom and Dad are visiting, and that's helping me to get out to see a bit more here in the city.

Today we tackled the enormous Canadian National Exhibition, a sort of World's Fair / State Fair. I'd never been to anything on quite this scale before... like a giant amusement park, bazaar, carnival, agricultural expo, arts festival, and craft fair all in one. The midway alone - with its endless stretches of carnival barkers, games, and deep-fried food - was the most extensive I've ever seen.

We went to shows - the Strongman show, the Aerial Acrobatics / Ice Skating Show, and the Superdogs show. All of which were very entertaining. I have to say that the Aerialists were not super-impressive - strange choices of apparatus and choreography, and basic tricks. Here's a photo of a doubles act, performed on a horizontal triangle. Why not a trio act on a triangle? I have no idea. But hey anything is more fun to watch over ice. Note that there was no ice skating / aerial overlap (which is a fun concept and has been done before)... in this show, the aerialists were carried out to their apparatus by the ice skaters. It must be really hard to stay warm... we were all chilled up in the bleachers, what's it like for those aerialists??

There were rides for the children. There were marketplaces - wholesale products, specialty, international, craft. There were music stages, and farm animals, and buskers. It was exhausting sensory overload. In our 8 hours there we did not manage to see even half of the attractions! ...Here are the children admiring the sand sculptures. This art form / competition brings to mind numerous questions. Such as, who are these professional sand sculptors? Well, thank goodness for the Internet, you can check out the World Sand Sculpting Academy "the global network of sand sculpting experts". I had no idea that you can do sand sculpting as a corporate team-building activity.

My eyes are closing as I'm typing... that is what a day of CNE ("The Ex") will do for you. Off to sleep, with visions of caramel apples, miniature horses, dogs jumping through hoops, and Ferris wheels.


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