Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Toronto photos

Isa, practicing her "ta-da" hand.

To keep reminding us that it's not just foreign countries that have bizarre signage. We see this sign every day at the bus stop, so if any of you have a clue what it means, do let me know.

I managed a quick walk through Busker Fest today. There are quite a number of circus acts and rigs set up. It's funny to think that, as a teenager, this would have been my idea of heaven. Now, I am mostly irritated by the detours it's causing in my commute to and from the Cirque tent. :( in any case, I wish I had more time / energy to enjoy the festival, but c'est la vie. This act caught my eye, two girls performing a hoop act in a wooden cage. The hoop act was nothing exciting; the best parts were when they climbed around inside the cage!
(note to self: get Greg to build cage for circus school. will have numerous uses I'm sure.)

Last of all, a glimpse of the Totem artists in between shows....


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