Friday, September 16, 2011

A few photos of life on tour with kids

The discovery of a snail gets everyone excited. In Russian it's улитка.

They've had a couple of special school projects... one day it was cooking in the kitchen, and chef Mia taught them how to make pretzels. (Isa was the Guest Assistant Chef)

Today was another event, they went and did a Lakeshore Cleanup at the beach right next to the Cirque site. Baz and Ayla were amazed and impressed with the amount of trash to be found on beaches.

So, it's hard to see what's happening in this photo, but it was a moment I wanted to capture. Totem's Artistic Director sometimes teaches a Ballet Barre class for the artists, and one afternoon Gipsy and Isa wandered into it. She let them stay (though their attention didn't hold out for the whole class) and it was super-cute to see them imitating the adults.

There is Wi-Fi in the kitchen, and artists are often chatting with their family and friends on Skype. Here is Alya, with her daughter Alisa on her iPad, and Gipsy and Isa eagerly saying hello. The girls drew pictures for each other and held them up to their screens.

Every once in a while, Greg keeps Isa with him while he trains, so I can get out to a yoga class. Here's Isa, playing contentedly at the top of the stairs while Dad whizzes glowballs around.

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