Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This weekend's activities

On Sunday night, the 54 crew (carpenters, riggers, technicians) hosted a giant party on site, with the theme "I Love the 80s!" It was their most epic event to date. It included raised DJ platforms and a band stage, a gigantic disco ball, colored strobing lights, old-school video games and an inflatable running course, and a flair bartender. Just about the whole Totem community attended, most in elaborate 80s outfits. Here is a picture of some of the little girls, a blurry swirl dancing under the lights.

Then, on Monday, we finally visited the CN Tower. Since we arrived here in Toronto, we'd been put off by the price - for our family of 5 merely to ride up to the observation deck cost us $108!! ...but we felt we had to do it before we left Toronto, and Monday was a beautiful day for it. Here are Greg and the kids, sitting on the glass floor. The second picture is the view looking down through the glass floor. It's pretty cool. $108 cool? I'm not convinced.

In the evening, Greg and I got out for a dinner date, and went to see Second City. This well-known improv troupe has a permanent theater here in Toronto, a half-block from our apartment. Shows 7 days a week! It was a great treat for us to get out to see some live theater on a Monday night. The show itself was very good - more sketch comedy than improv, but we had a lot of laughs.

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