Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wearying of Toronto

I'm ready to be done with Toronto. We've been here for ages. I'm sick of schlepping back and forth from the site on the long, undependable bus. I'm bored with hanging around site all day with Isa (which I often do to avoid schlepping back and forth all day on the bus.) I don't even want to watch the show anymore. (You were all waiting to see how long it would take me to say that, weren't you??) We've seen the sights. The artists are all exhausted from the 10-show weeks. Let's wrap this one up and move on.


  1. How much longer are you here in Toronto for?
    Yeah, Toronto does get boring after a while. I live there and saw the show (awesome, but I can see how you would tire of it quickly), however it would be good to move on to a new location and explore that rather thoroughly!!

  2. Wow... you are sick of the show? Say it ain't so!
    Wish we could see you guys!

  3. We have just a few more days in Toronto (leaving Monday the 10th). I have nothing against the city really, there's a lot of great stuff here. I'm just tired of this particular routine. Ready to change it up again.
    And Rebecca of course I still love the show... but I have to admit it's not charging me up to watch it from the audience as much as it once did. (I have seen it now dozens, and dozens, of times). And the kids are getting very restless with it, so we just go less often.