Friday, October 28, 2011

First impressions of San Francisco

We've been in San Francisco for a few days now. We have an apartment near the Museum of Modern Art. It's 1 mile from site, which means that we're walking! Every day, lots and lots of walking. Greg usually bikes down to work., although my legs are tired, I'm really happy here - being able to walk or bike to site, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. is wonderful.

San Francisco feels like an easy, comfortable place to be. Ah, America... familiar shops, currency, foods, language. Despite that level of ordinary-America, though, I've also noticed a number of things that seem quite distinctive to this city.

Dogs in grocery stores

Surprising number of adults riding scooters

Street names carved into the sidewalks

More-than-usually visible homeless people (having to teach the kids to step around the bums passed out on the sidewalk, daily)

Friendly bike culture in theory, but aggressive car traffic and very few bike racks (photo thanks to, a new favorite Web site)

Hills!! They weren't kidding about these hills.

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