Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Toronto photos

Before I move on to photo-chronicling this cross-country adventure, I have to post a few last photos of our time in Toronto. Toronto really was a great city, in a lot of ways, and I tried to document some of the best things about it.

1. Bikes. OK, so Toronto was a big-city traffic kind of place, and we couldn't let the kids bike on the streets. But nevertheless, Toronto has a lot of cyclists. I loved these art installations - all over the city you could find occasional bikes, painted in fluorescent colors, locked up to bike racks. ...The bike rack itself also deserves mention. One of the nicer-designed city fixtures we've encountered, it also resembles the Russian letter "f". So everywhere we saw these (which was everywhere), Isa and I would say "fff! fff!"

2. Speaking of awesome bike racks, check out this one! In the funky neighborhood of Kensington, spelling the name in a simulated bike chain. (that's Isa in the green dress in front).

3. Another image of super-cool Kensington.

4. I loved this reflection of the CN Tower on a nearby building.

5. These regular commuter trains, with their unusual shape and color, made me smile every time I saw them.

6. And finally, one of the kids - Baz and Ayla are showing off the art project that the school students all did together, making an elaborate scene entirely out of recycled materials.

For the kids, nothing's better than playing with friends, and in the last couple of weeks of Toronto, Isa and Kiana had some good times together...


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