Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some photos

I've been into photographing sunrises lately, trying to find a little bit of joy in my otherwise-resented early morning runs. Yes, I have signed up for the Half-Marathon one week from now, but I haven't trained well at all and I'm feeling real dread about it.

One of Isa's favorite things to do these days is to write words, sentences, whole stories - she says what she wants to write, and Mom or Dad tells her the letters.

Teachable moment as we stumbled across the Occupy San Francisco site today. This past week their encampment has been raided by poilce, and across the Bay in Oakland the police used tear gas on the protesters. The lively crowd around this site seems undaunted.

And finally, my kids with their cousins - they're thrilled to spend some quality time with 3-year-old twins Kai and Tenzing, who live in nearby San Anselmo.

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