Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First lost tooth

Ayla lost her first tooth yesterday! She is 7 years old, it's pretty late, so I expect more to follow quickly. She already has several more loose. But there was great rejoicing this morning with a new dollar coin from the Tooth Fairy.


  1. She's so cute in that picture, even with her lost tooth. She will have to undergo some changes with her diet after having lost a tooth. My kid usually doesn't want to chew hard food after a tooth loss because he doesn't like the feeling of food hitting his gums. I hope your daughter has an easier time adjusting.

    George Quirk

  2. Ayla is so charming! She still managed to smile even after losing her first tooth. By the way, did she get scared when it happened? It’s better late than never, right? It’s been quite a long time since you posted this. I hope Ayla has taken more responsibility on her oral hygiene.