Monday, November 7, 2011

Images from the weekend

It was Ilya's 5th birthday. Nastia always outdoes herself with birthday parties - she organizes game after game after game, lays out a full-day's-feast worth of food, and the parties, in Russian fashion, go on for upwards of 4 hours. It's exhausting just to be a spectator. One of her games was "little girls do their Moms' hair" and we took this photo afterwards to show off their designs.

Very back row: (Yahor, Baz)
Back row: Sasha, Natasha, Nastia
Front row: Elise, me, Olga, Oyuna

Today, Monday, we only ventured out for a few hours in the afternoon - trying not to exhaust Greg too much, he's up to 10 shows a week and he is suffering from a pretty bad head cold at the moment. But we did do some exploring around San Francisco today, including driving down Lombard Street with its crazy hairpin turns. We also stopped at Baker Beach and let the kids put their hands in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and then made our way into Golden Gate Park for a couple of hours of bike-riding and playgrounding.

But the weather is getting colder, and we couldn't bring ourselves to stay out once the sun began to set. ...I should say, Greg and I couldn't. The kids had to be dragged out of the Koret Children's Quarter. Fortunately we have 6 more weeks in this city, hoping for decent weather so we can head back another day.

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