Friday, November 18, 2011

More images of the Bay Area

We continued to explore for the first part of this week. Here we all are at Point Reyes National Seashore... Greg and I at the Lighthouse, and the kids with their Grandma Terry and Grandpa Ron.

We also made it out to Alcatraz. That was pretty interesting. Although Greg scoffed at the whole idea of making a prison into a National Park, and part of what's interesting on the tour is that Alcatraz wasn't that scary of a place - it was really just a regular prison, and the prisoners weren't treated too badly at all - it was still impressive to step inside an actual giant old jail, with its isolation chambers and stories of riots and famous convicts. Of the kids, Baz was the most fascinated; Ayla liked it "except for the sad parts"; Isa didn't really get much out of it, but she was happy to go along for the ride.

The week with Mom and Dad passed quickly. In our 3-bedroom 3-bathroom apartment, it was the first time they'd ever stayed with us that they had a bathroom to themselves! ....Mom and I enjoyed morning walks along the waterfront; the two of them sampled several of the local restaurants, and watched the kids one evening so Greg and I could get out for dinner; and the weather was absolutely beautiful, with only one rainy day. My Mom, having just retired in July, hasn't had a month yet without some significant traveling, and she is still waiting to see if any feelings of boredom settle in... so far, not.

They left on Wednesday, the 16th - now we are settling back into a "normal" routine, done with sightseeing for awhile.

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