Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas season blur

The days are becoming exhaustingly busy. The kids' Nutcracker production may be the death of all of us, it's hard to tell at this point ... most of us Moms are bleary-eyed from long hours of sewing costumes and running rehearsals. I'm also trying to tackle Christmas shopping, start packing (only 9 days left!) work on some pressing issues at the circus school, and maintain all the regular stuff - exercise, language classes, kids' activities, doctor's appointments.

It is good to be busy, although difficult to find balance. I feel I've tipped just over the "too-busy" line this week. (no real complaints, I'm usually desperate to fill my time!!)

In the meantime, the Totem cast is dragging a bit. This always seems to be the case at the end of a long city with 10-show weeks. Everyone is tired and more prone to problems. One result of this is that there are a surprising number of changes in the show this week - acts that are out, and replacement "second" acts. It's interesting and fun for us to watch our artist friends stepping into new roles, and to see the show continually evolve (no pun intended).

The school kids have had a squabbling kind of week. The problem is this - Ayla and Sophia decided they wanted to learn sign language. Partly just for the fun of doing it, but partly because then they could have a secret language! The boys took immediate offense to this and professed that they, too, would learn sign language, prompting some other kind of escalation from the girls, and to some written secret-code creating, and eventually starting in on "well, you two speak Russian together, that's like a secret language!". I was quite amused by Yahor's conclusion after all this, which was "OK, maybe no one should be allowed to speak any language that not everyone can understand." Yeah, right, that'll work. Fortunately, today at school they'll have Talking Circle, their weekly opportunity to air concerns / grievances. It's like a family meeting, and here's hoping the teachers can get everyone settled down.

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