Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve ... somewhere in the UK?

For anyone not familiar with this annual ritual, here's the scoop. Greg and I have celebrated New Year's Eve together every year since 1994. (it's the only holiday we can say that for). This will be Year 18. And the best part? Each year, we have been in a different city at midnight.

In the past, there have been some spectacular years and some not-so-spectacular ones. Some years, one, or both of us, was onstage performing. (although never too busy for a midnight kiss). Occasionally, a gig would put us in the same city for a successive year, which necessitated driving at high speeds out of the city to a nearby suburb before the clock struck twelve. Silly? Sure. But nice to have such a tradition? Absolutely.

This year is presenting greater challenges than most. We have been assigned (by Totem) to be in London for the second year in a row, and Greg has to work till 9pm. We have no car. And finding a babysitter was like leaping through hoops of fire. But an agency sitter has finally been booked, the Underground maps have been carefully analyzed, and I am determined for success this year as well.

I just realized that my list of all of the cities we've been to is being kept exclusively in the back of a dog-eared, beaten-up old journal, and I'd better replicate it before the darn thing gets lost or destroyed in our travels. Here is the full list:

1994 Las Vegas, NV
1995 Portland, ME
1996 NYC / Garfield, NJ
1997 Boston, MA
1998 Berwyn / Paoli, PA
1999 Williamsburg, VA
2000 Doylestown, PA
2001 Providence, RI
2002 Caribbean (on a cruise ship, at sea)
2003 St. Louis, MO
2004 Binghamton, NY
2005 Johnston City, NY
2006 Vestal, NY
2007 Atlantic City, NJ
2008 Garden City, NY
2009 Bethlehem, PA
2010 London, England


  1. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that you'd better let us know if you were successful. Happy New Year!