Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sometimes, I don't get around to blogging mainly because I don't have any great new photos to share, or big news. But there is never a day here that there isn't something to talk about / think about. So today I'm just going to share with you some of the small things that are going on.

We've stayed close to home these last few days as planned, going no further than the local museums. (by "local" of course I mean some of the greatest, most gigantic museums in the world, across the street from our apartment). We are getting to know their rhythms - times and days to expect crowds, times and areas where you can expect peace and quiet. And we still try to bring the kids at least once a week to the Pirate Ship Playground, regardless of the cold.

My Russian studies here have been stumbling along unproductively. Without a tutor, I am hopelessly undisciplined, and getting nowhere. With Nastia I generally speak Russian, though, so at least a few days a week I have long afternoons of conversation.

More-consistent Russian practice (maybe with my beloved, fickle Marina?) is just one of many things I am looking forward to about San Jose. Although I have a dark fear that it will turn out similar to Charlotte, I've been told we are all living in one place, next to a giant park. I'll be able to go on site again and see the rest of the Totem community. We may be able to start circus classes up again. We'll have bikes to ride, and warm weather. With any luck, the coldness and loneliness will dissipate immediately.

So I have to admit I am counting the days... though another side of me feels guilty about this, looking around. Thinking that, once I leave here, I am going to miss London, and all of Europe, terribly... there is so much I love about this part of the world. I suppose what it comes down to is, you can't walk around feeling grateful and excited all the time. After a while your mental state just settles down, and starts thinking in a grass-is-always-greener sort of way.

I had a really nice visit this evening with Rod Laver. Rod was my juggling teacher at Circomedia. He is still the teacher there, and the juggling coach at Circus Space in London, as well. He brought his wife and son (Marcus, same age as Baz) to see Totem this afternoon, and we met them outside after the show. Rod was always a really good teacher, funny and caring and patient and perceptive. To think that he's taught 15 years' worth of other students since I was there! It was just wonderful to see him.

I've been spending more time with Oyuna here. She is the only other wife living nearby, and we get Kherlen and Isa together pretty often. Oyuna's baby, Saikhan, is getting big - she's about 7 months now? and she is in that restless stage, wants to move, squirm, roll around, see the world! it's one of the cutest baby stages and I love seeing her, so alert.

A blogging friend recently posted about little things that make her happy, so I'll make a short list for my life here in London...
- adorable private-school children in their matching uniforms - wool coats, tights, Mary Janes, etc. ...I am trying to find a time to photograph them without looking like a child predator
- the crush of the Tube (or the Paris metro) during rush hour
- a busker in the Underground playing a beautiful acoustic version of "Streets of London"
- the color-changing pinprick lights inside the sauna at the gym
- being called "love" by random shopkeepers
- pocketbook dogs - including a tiny one wearing a red "Medical Service Dog In Training" jacket
- mist over Hyde Park for a cold morning run

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