Monday, January 16, 2012

Residing in London

Darn it, Blogger is being fussy again, not letting me upload video content from overseas. It did this last year. So you'll have to click to Vimeo to see this tour of our London residence, featuring the famous British personality, Sam Veale.

It may not be obvious from the video, but our royal home here has been the least-well-appointed place we've stayed on tour. The kitchen didn't have so much as a single sharp knife, a potholder, a kitchen timer. Everything breaks here, after only a little bit of use - the clothes dryer, the heating units, the furniture. Lightbulbs are out, a dimmer switch overheats, the hot water heater is inadequate. When we first went out on our little terrace, we found it littered with dozens of cigarette butts, which Greg carefully hand-picked out of the gravel. The carpets have stains. The girls have to share a bed. And the long-corridor style of the place means we are always shouting to one another.

But, you can't beat the location. We are 300 ft from the South Kensington tube station, 1/2 block away from the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Across the road is the French Institute, so the neighborhood is full of French bookstores and charming little cafes. It is an upscale, tourist-filled zone, but generally very comfortable and convenient.

I am learning, here in our 11th apartment on tour, to take the good and the bad with each new home in stride. Whether it is the most beautiful place in the world, or the shabbiest, every place will have some things missing, and some things that seem extraneous; and as in every place, we will only be here for a few more weeks.


  1. grrrr... so much going wrong!!!
    That is crazy frustrating... but at least the location is good, I guess.. Just keep up that deep breathing...

  2. ps - who is sam veale? He is great! xoxo

  3. Hilarious video! Please say hi to Sam for Janell and I!