Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ayla's glasses

So, my little girl is wearing glasses.
This all came about over the past month. Arriving here in London, we suddenly began noticing that Ayla couldn't read signs at any distance. While she's had no trouble reading her books, everything seems to go blurry further away. She worried about it, we worried about it, and we set up doctor's appointments. First was a general pediatrician, and then an opthamologist. They measured her vision, before glasses, at about 20/200.

We were quite surprised by the doctor's offices here in Kensington. They are in the same types of elegant old townhomes as everything else here. This is one of the waiting rooms.

Greg and I feel a bit lost with this whole glasses-finding-and-buying experience. Neither of us has ever dealt with it before, nor did any of our siblings when we were growing up. The cost of glasses, the choices involved, worrying about losing and breaking them - it's just all new. It was hard, especially, when Ayla first found out she needed glasses - she was heartbroken over it. But now, just 1 day into wearing them, she has gotten used to them, and is enjoying her new perfect eyesight.

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