Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back to San Francisco and Marin County

We spent a couple of days back in San Francisco and Marin County - dentist appointments and visiting Greg's sister Kelly ... I was surprised at the rush of happy familiarity I felt, especially being back in the downtown SF area. What an amazing city! And compared to the bland vapidity of our area of San Jose, San Francisco is so colorful and rich, full of character and life!!

The kids and I had some nice wandering-around time in Union Square, admiring the Hearts in San Francisco art installations and stopping to speak with some of the artists displaying their work in the square.

We then had a cousins' sleepover up in San Anselmo ... Marin County never failing to amaze me in its over-the-top bohemian bourgeois culture.... (if you didn't read David Brooks' book about the Bobos back in 2000, it's still relevant).

Today (Saturday) we had the treat of getting everyone out for a bike ride! PIctured: our family, plus Greg's sister Kelly, her husband Ziya, and their twin boys Tenzing and Kai. The twins are three-year-old darlings, and we love watching the different relationships they are forming with each of their cousins. (All-over-the-house swordfighting battles with Baz, snuggled up for story-reading with Ayla, fighting over who gets to sleep in bed with Isa). We picked up a terrific new bike for Ayla on Craigs List - both of my older kids now are riding 24" frames, which seem so big to me, yet work perfectly well for them. The little ones rode in child seats and a trailer. It was colder than I'd hoped - temps in the 50s, I think - but otherwise a great day. We are well on our way to being able to go for good long bike trips as a family. Greg has been especially driven this week, getting everyone's bikes fixed up, loaded on and off the car, and tooling around, exploring as much as possible in the bike-friendly Bay Area.

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