Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little rock-climbers

Here in London, the kids' physical education program is at a rock-climbing wall, in a gym just 1/2 block from the Royal Albert Hall. I didn't even know kids this young could do rock-climbing - much less set the ropes for each other - but they do, and they absolutely love it. In the vertical picture on the side, that is Baz climbing at the top, with Ayla down below.

It feels sometimes like the job of a parent is to expose our kids to as many things as we can. To give them a taste of what life has to offer, with the hopes that they'll find their own passions. But it's still surprising to me when their experiences are ones that I've never had! Rock-climbing falls into that category, along with karate, yo-yoing, learning mathematics in French, wearing glasses... I suppose the list goes on and on, and they are still very young!

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