Friday, February 3, 2012

The Michael Jackson household

It took a great deal of lobbying, but Baz finally persuaded us to start giving him (and his sisters) a weekly allowance. We've started carefully tracking their household chores, and they have to earn a certain number of points each week. This is the 3rd week, and Baz was thrilled to be able to buy something himself, with his very own money that he earned. He has been coveting this hat since we arrived in London, and he pretty much glowed, all the way to the shop and back this morning.

It's his Michael Jackson hat, in case that wasn't obvious. Baz has had a passion for Michael Jackson ever since first grade, when his music teacher at Henry School put together a school-wide assembly of MJ music. So our household is a bit more wrapped up with the King of Pop than we'd necessarily prefer. Not a day goes by that we don't have Michael Jackson songs cycling through the iPod speakers, and mini-dance parties in the living room. It's reached the point that I am actually buying Baz new Michael Jackson songs on iTunes, because I can't stand hearing the same half-dozen songs over, and over, and over again.

I had to crack up when we put on a video of the Jackson 5 this evening and pointed out little Michael. Ayla said, "Wait a minute - he's black?" I didn't even bother trying to explain.

The hit of the evening though was this video, for "Black or White". The children were in rapture over it. If you, like me, hadn't seen this since the early `90s, it's worth watching... I had no memory of the fabulous goofiness of the whole thing. Is it just me, or did it seem really cutting-edge and bold and beautiful at the time??
Black or White

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  1. OMG - love the michael jackson hat....! Great that he earned it. miss you! xoxo