Monday, March 5, 2012


The weather was finally warm enough yesterday for a day at the pool. We had our choice of pools, there are a bunch here - but we settled on the biggest, central one, and spent the afternoon there with a number of other Totem families. So nice to break out the bathing suits in March!!

And today was a birthday party for two of the boys on tour, Yahor and Anthony. We went to an indoor trampoline place! Where the kids bounced to their hearts' content for hours. Fun to do this kind of thing with acrobat families ... I think the trampoline workers probably saw more than their usual quota of double flips and twisting moves into the foam pit. :)

In other small get-togethers, we all descended on Olga Usov's apartment yesterday to wish her a surprise happy birthday; I finally got together for another English / Russian lesson with Marina (suspended for the last few months); and Patricia and I ran 10k out on the trails Sunday, which we're planning to make a regular event. As I hoped, our San Jose accommodations are making all these kinds of things easier to organize.

Time to get some exhausted kids ready for bed.

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