Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day

It is Pi Day, also famous for being Baz's birthday! He turned a big 9 years old today. Here he is wearing one of his favorite gifts, a Michael Jackson T-shirt from his Auntie Erin. He's got his little magnetic chess board in front of him - my parents sent him a couple of new chess books, which is another recent preoccupation of his. But I have to admit that the gift he was pining away for, which had him laying awake nights dreaming about it, was the big one that Greg and I got for him - a habitat of Hex Bugs. ... if you are not familiar with this must-have new toy on the market, check out the link. While I am totally mystified by this phenomenon - what could possibly be appealing about little bugs that run around in tracks? - my kids are all completely enthralled by them.

Today will also go down on record as the day we renamed San Jose "Snail Town", after the hundreds of улитки that come out in this area when it rains; and also the day in which I had to learn how to remove black truck grease from Ayla's hair, after she bumped her head while playing under the circus trailers. (Note #1 - the children have been expressly forbidden to play under the trailers, ever. Note #2 - what gets truck grease out of hair is dish soap, scrubbed in repeatedly 2 or 3 times, then followed by several rounds of regular shampoo. She's lucky she has hair left.)


  1. I want hex bugs too! Regarding 'улитки'does your keyboard have those characters? How do you pronounce it?

  2. I've learned how to switch the keyboard to the Cyrillic alphabet on command. "улитки" is pronounced "oo-leet-kee", and has become one of the few words my kids know better in Russian than in English.