Friday, March 9, 2012

Quiet pace

Things have settled into an easy rhythm here. I am teaching a lot more English lessons - up to 4 or 5 regular private-lesson students! - in addition to my usual classes, twice-a-week adults English and twice-a-week kids English. The private lessons I do for small sums of money, or for trades (babysitting, Russian lessons). But mostly I do them because they are so enjoyable for me. Spending time getting to know these other tour members, and really being able to help them with something, is immensely gratifying.

When we are not studying, we are commuting back and forth to the Cirque site. It's one of the easiest public-transit situations we've ever had - the light rail stops outside our apartment complex, and it's a straight line right to the site. It's is in kind of an odd place here - the lot is nestled between a highway and a residential neighborhood. We're used to the tent being set much further back from civilization. There are also low-flying planes coming in for landings at the around-the-corner San Jose Airport. So far the sound hasn't been a big problem, and it's just kind of fun to see such a close-up view of the incoming jets.

On the way home at night, there are stars and planets to admire, including this full moon rising over the orange tree grove near our apartments. This was the best my iPhone camera could manage... it was quite beautiful.

Yesterday was International Women's Day. I'd never heard of this before we joined the tour, but it's seriously celebrated in Russia. So throughout the day we are treated to Russian hugs and kisses and well-wishes, and Nikita even gave out roses to some lucky ladies. Ayla was on cloud nine. This picture also gives you a chance to examine her wacky smile - of her 4 front teeth, 3 are gone, and the 4th is hanging on by a thread at a weird angle.

What else is there to report? Baz is complaining that he has too much French at school, and he and Yahor, as their friendship becomes stronger, seem to get into more trouble together. We have to be especially on top of them with Chinese class, which seems to be ground zero for their worst behavior. Yesterday for their English class, the Chinese girls came and taught our kids (in English) to make friendship bracelets. Tomorrow the school has field trip to see Beauty and the Beast. In the meantime, Isa is going through a mid-childhood crisis which I could write a book about. This too shall pass.

My Mom is visiting, so this weekend hopefully we will get out for a little exploring!


  1. hugs on your Isa crisis.... hope to hear more when I see you soon. lots of love...

  2. Fascinating! I am an English language teacher too. I never thought about the need for ELT at the circus! I recently published a novel inspired by a circus fire, and am always excited to find true circus stories like yours. If you're interested in writing a guest blog post about your teaching job (for the ESL-Library blog), please contact me! It sounds so interesting. Cheers ~ Tara