Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting outside in Southern California

During the week of my Mom's visit, we spent a lot of time outdoors.  We explored Torrey Pines State Park (above, with the cool yucca plants), and Cabrillo National Monument, and the tidepools at Point Loma, and the San Diego Zoo, and Old Town, and the Gliderport.  Mom and Isa even went up to the Botanical Gardens in Encinitas.  We saw Mexican folkloric dancing, paragliders, seals, and koala bears.  It was a full week of soaking up all the natural wonders we could find in this area.

At the Cirque site, we've also been spending a lot of time outside.  The site is particularly open and spacious, and the weather has been sunny and mild, so we've brought all kinds of wheeled toys for the kids to play with during their breaks.  They have skateboards, bikes, unicycles, roller skates and remote-controlled cars.  And we are taking them running on the trails around the fairgrounds.

I'm particularly happy that Baz has latched on to his unicycle in this city.  He's having great fun with it, racing all around the site and coming up with games.  He's always begging me to ride with him, and I oblige when I can.  Soon, I hope, we'll have more of the kids tooling around on one wheel.

Today I had an opportunity for a bike ride, so I rode from our apartments to the Cirque site.  It was a fairly challenging 9.5 mile ride, which included parts on dirt-and-rock trails, high-traffic roads, and hills.  But I was thinking during the ride, that biking and running around new places are, for me, the very best ways to appreciate our travels.  I see things so much closer up when I'm alone outside.  The landscapes, the scenery, the feeling of a place - they all become etched in my memory on these excursions.  It can be a nature trail, or an inner-city neighborhood ... I run and bike along, feeling the sunlight and sweat like fuel, and drink in the details.

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