Sunday, May 6, 2012

A moment

Had to write about this neat experience.
My sister-in-law came to visit Totem this weekend with her family - her husband, two kids, and her husband's brother, his wife, and their two kids.... we were delighted to show this party of 8 around the Cirque site.  But I had to teach my Adult English class during the afternoon, so at one point I suggested that our guests come and join in a game with the class.
Kelly, Ziya, Sabri and Jen (the grownups) were great sports.  They came and stood around my tableful of women (we had a pretty full house that day, 9 students) and we ran a game of What's the Word? with the students having to describe things to their American coaches.  This segued into some introductions, with my guests talking to the students a little about themselves, and hearing from the students about their backgrounds and families.
It was awesome! If I had known how awesome it would be, I would have planned it out better and run the whole class this way!  But even for a short segment of time, I think it was valuable and fun for everyone.  My mind is going about ways to do it again, with future groups of guests...

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